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Private Lending Litigation

Kushner & Marano, P.C., has been representing private lenders in disputes with borrowers for over 20 years. As bank underwriting and regulation have become more stringent and conventional banks have become more difficult with which to deal, private lending (also known as hard money lending) has become more and more prevalent. Over the past two decades builders and developers have increasingly sought private loans so as to avoid having to deal with the red tape and impracticalities of commercial banks. As a result, private lending has secured an important role in the world of real estate development and construction. The increase in private lending has also resulted in an increase in disputes and litigation arising out of private, or hard money, loans.

Kushner & Marano, P.C., has been handling private lending related disputes and litigation since the 1990s. Private lending is fraught with regulation and can be a hornet’s nest for attorneys who do not have the proper level of experience in that area of the law. We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to know and understand the issues involved in private lending disputes and litigation and the most efficient and cost-effective means by which to resolve them.