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James V. Marano, Jr. co-founded Kushner & Marano, P.C. in 1994 and has been head of the litigation department since. He is a graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School. Prior to founding Kushner & Marano, P.C., he was an attorney at the Law firm of Morrison, Mahoney & Miller.Attorney Marano has been a civil trial attorney his entire career, which began in 1991, and has litigated thousands of cases. During his 20+ year career, he has continuously fought to recover just compensation for clients injured, both physically and mentally, as a result of someone else’s negligent, willful or intentional conduct. Some of Attorney Marano’s many successes include a $5 Million judgment for a client who lost her arm in a drunk driving accident, which is one of the highest personal injury verdicts in Essex County in the last 20 years, as well as a $1.9 Million settlement for a client who sustained serious leg injuries and disfigurement in a motorcycle accident. Attorney Marano has a reputation for being a strong, no-nonsense advocate who puts client’s interests first and foremost. As a result of Attorney Marano’s zealous advocacy he has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in the field of personal injury.

Attorney Marano also has extensive experience litigating contract disputes, real estate related matters and issues arising out of private lending and hard money loans. As a long time real estate investor, developer and lender, Attorney Marano has both legal and practical experience in the world of real estate. Attorney Marano has handled hundreds of business related disputes and provides an economical, pragmatic approach with an eye towards avoiding what can often become complex and prolonged litigation.

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